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Dutch Oven Decision

23 Apr

I knew it would happen eventually.  My favorite pot bit the dust… It wasn’t one of the higher end dutch ovens, but it got the job done.  I tried to salvage it with Barkeepers Friend, Vinegar, baking soda and just plain on scrubbing – but there was no reviving this pot.  So, thus began my search for a “true” French style dutch oven.

I planned on purchasing a Le Crueset, but they are just so pricey!  Then I was turned on to their less expensive competitor, “The Lodge” but it received very mixed reviews.  Well, last night on one of my weekly trips to SamsClub I ran across this beauty.  The color is wrong – but the price is right.  It is in the oven seasoning now, so I will let you all know how it holds up later on…