Peach Cobbler

18 Apr

I have never been a fan of warmed fruit – however a recent visit to my friend Christy’s house made me give it a second thought.  She made a peach cobbler that was delicious – not much beats the smell of butter, fruit and cinnamon coming from the kitchen. 

I decided to make one for Sunday’s dinner, but alas Christy was out-of-town attending to her best friend’s family.  I’d already called and bugged for other varying reasons and I just didn’t have it in me to call again.  So…. I did what all great cooks do – searched for a recipe on YouTube. 

Pamela Holmes came to the rescue with her Peach Cobbler recipe.  Let me tell you – it is (as my daughter said) ridiculously awesome.  The addition of vanilla pudding put it over the top with creaminess and flavor.


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