Sex before “I love you” and Dark Blue

10 Sep

I dont watch much tv – but the new series Dark Blue caught my attention.  I remembered Dylan McDermott from the old series “The Practice” and looked forward to seeing him in action again.

Anyway – I have never been able to catch an episode because it airs on Wednesday nights and this is bible study night for the Gunby household.  Last night I was flipping and caught a re-airing at midnight.  The scene flashed to one of the agents (played by Nicki Aycox) and she was rolling out of bed with some guy.  Well… I hadnt seen the show before, maybe it was her husband – I didnt know.  After a bit of dialogue she turns to him, looks him in the eye and says “I love you”.  He was shocked and said that he was surprised to “hear her say that”.  They parted ways … a few scenes later she referred to him as her “boyfriend”. 

 Boyfriend???  You mean to tell me he was surprised that she expressed her verbal love to him, but not at all surprised that she was sleeping with him – sharing the most intimate physical connection known to man? So now not only is the world telling us that pre-marital sex is okay, but even prior to “the i love you conversation” it is all together appropriate.

I am just outdone.


One Response to “Sex before “I love you” and Dark Blue”

  1. naturalsystah September 20, 2009 at 9:24 am #

    The sad thing is, I bet that many would have watched that scene and not even batted an eyelid.

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