The Case for Home Pt1

30 Jun

If one allows the media to be the judge: one would think that most women are absolutely content with the 2 shift occupation.  Leaving one job to come home and clock in for another.  At least four times a week I find myself having a conversation with a mother who is ready to come home – many are afraid to say this in a public setting for rick of ridicule by those who have been conditioned to think a woman has no worth unless she is climbing the corporate ladder!

While the feminism movement allowed women many opportunities that were not available to them in the past – it did not and will not ever bring true equality.  Generally speaking, although 80% of women work outside of the home, the home-front expectations are the same.  Let’s say the family has unexpected (or expected for that matter) guests and the house is found in disarray.  The criticism is always toward the woman ” Humph – she sure keeps a nasty house” or “she needs to do something with that mess”.  It matters not that they both put in 40+ hours in – she will ultimately wear the “M” on her chest for the messy house.  I will take this post and others to address myths about the homemaking profession, but I want to start out with the one I find the most disturbing.

  1. Girl I don’t trust him to take care of me and these kids: Comments like this make me wonder how much we consider the person we choose to marry.  We trust the man enough to bring other human beings into the world with them – but cannot trust him to make sure the mortgage is paid.  This is disturbing.  Many of us who did not have the privilage of growing up with a father can attest to the void that exists where a fathers love should be, so we should make it our business to marry someone who will bust his behind to be the best father possible.  So to this end – if we trust him for this important occupation surely we can trust him to financially provide for his family. 

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