East Point Church

5 Jun

What do you do on a Sunday evening when hubby goes to a cook-out and takes the kids with him?  I don’t know what you would do, but I will share with you what I decided to do – I went to church.

I’d read about Pastor Carter and his new church plant a month or so ago and determined that I would visit when the opportunity presented itself.  Well last Sunday was the perfect proverbial storm.

  1. Big Daddy was gone.
  2. Kids were gone.
  3. I still had on my church clothes.

I tried to think of an excuse to stay at home and sew (my favorite past-time), but I pressed on and made my way to East Point.  Let me just say it was worth the drive!  I was welcomed with a warm greeting and led into the sanctuary.  Pastor Carter addressed those in attendance and then praise and worship began.  Praise was awesome (even though they sang about 18 songs – really it was only about 7 but it felt like 18!)  The P&W leader was so passionate about worship and gifted I might add…. that I was easily drawn in to the service.

Pastor Carter is currently preaching through the Psalms of Ascent.  His message was refreshing and left me with much to consider about how I view My Lord.  The praise was great, sermon awesome, people friendly… but the thing I found most compelling about the service was the level of participation by MEN.  The prayers, offering, leading of worship and sermons were all by men.  What an accomplishment in a day when finding men in church (let alone active) is rare.

If you are looking for a church to grown in your faith and escape the whole “health and wealth”  I suggest you add EPC to your list…


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