Natural Rollersetting

12 May

Who knew?

That it is possible to have straight and bouncy hair with a rollerset.  After abandoning the creamy crack 5 years ago I thought my rollersetting days were behind me.  Well, after researching youtube and lhcf – I have found information to achieve a nice set.  The following videos show me with my stylist: (Robin Page 678.488.6668 Shear Essence salon), however I am able to enjoy similar results at home. 

Some tips I have learned along the way:

  • Make sure each section of hair is detangled and soaking wet prior to rolling
  • Less product the better, I use Jane Carters wrap and roll and a spray bottle with mostly water and a little CHI silk infusion
  • Make sure that the hair is completely dry prior to removing rollers
  • After rollers are removed, the roots can be flat ironed, or you can wrap it with saran wrap and sit under a medium dryer for about 10 minutes.


You may be asking… why am I posting unedited videos of myself sans makeup?  Only because many ladies are afraid of natural hair and to show the many options available to you.


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