So you wanna transition?

30 Apr

At  least once a day someone asks me tips on natural hair care or the transition process.

This brings me great joy because natural hair is beautiful hair!  So, in response I have decided to post a few quick tips for those on the journey to natural hair.  Here goes:

  1. Your hair has a deep longing for moisture.  If your hair is not properly moisturized it will become brittle and break.  A deep conditioning should be on your menu on a weekly basis.  A good place to start will be Design Essentials – they offer two, one is an instant and the other is a super moisturizing conditioner.  I suggest alternating between the two.
  2. A steamer.  A hair steamer will open up the cuticle of your hair and allow moisture to truly penetrate.  This is unlike our traditional heated dryer which only allows the conditioner to sit on the hair and not really penetrate.  You can find one of these on ebay or your local salon supply store.  This is a must.  Use it weekly for 1 month and then every other week.  What are you waiting on, open up another window and order now. (I did not purcahse my steamer from here – do your own research and use common sense)
  3. Styles to wear during transition:  there really is not any restriction as far as this goes.  A good stylist will be able to disguise your new-growth regardless of what style you choose.  Flexi-rod sets, and roller-sets are good choices when your new-growth becomes more apparent.  If you plan on wearing your hair in its natural state then I would not suggest flat-ironing because it can alter your curl pattern.  In this case I would suggest styles with limited heat until you grow it out enough to cut it.  Here is a picture of my after my Big Chop.  My husband called me Esther Rolle and did not speak to me for a month.

The Big Chop

(Whew- I must really love you all to show this!  Look at my daughter in the background looking at me like I am a stranger)






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