Birthing Men

25 Dec


The enemy has always come after our men.  In the Garden of Eden he set his sights on the only man alive – Adam.  Pharaoh issued a decree that all the male children were to be killed by the midwives immediately after delivery.  In a feeble attempt to thwart the plan of God, Herod ordered all male children under the age or two to be killed. 


You see, even the enemy knows the power behind male leadership in our society, homes and the church.  However many of us are blind to this fact.  As women, we are just as powerful; however our power is meant and given for a reason and purpose that differs from that of our men.    They row the boat, we ensure they have strength and nourishment for the journey.  Our men lead our homes and churches, we make certain that the gates are guarded against sin and a sanctuary of rest and comfort can be found. 

In these last days, women have become more focused on personal ministry and leadership than intersession and birthing men.   As Eve said in Genesis 4 “with the help of The Lord, I have birthed a man”.  Ladies we are to be midwives assisting in the maturing and birthing process of our men.  We have a mandate to do so.  In Exodus 4: the midwives were commanded by Pharaoh to kill all the male children immediately after childbirth.  At the risk of their own lives, the midwives Shiphrah and Puah feared God and saved the lives of all the male children.  In many cases, to fear God will mean denying ourselves and our personal desires in order to birth men.                

The position is not important, but the end result is.  The end result is that God is to be glorified – not us.  That The Lord be esteemed and highly lifted up not us.  The bible teaches that the woman is the glory of the man.  If the men look good, we look good as well.  Please understand that the title” wife” is not required in order to be the glory of the man.  The enemy would have you to believe that one does not qualify for the midwife position due to your marriage status but this is not so!  An absence of positive and productive male leadership has created a vacuum that women have scrambled to fill.  We are to begin altering our positions and making room for our men to serve.  This is what women who birth men do.

 Specifically during this season Pastor Doug is ministering with a purposeful bent towards our men, let us not “look for a word” as it relates to us, but be on guard to pray, fast, and serve with an attitude of selfishness while he ministers to the men.  If God wills, the result will be a community and church that affirms men and the men honor women and hold them in high esteem.  This living epistle will bring many into the body of Christ! We will all prosper for it as we see our men turn from the streets and have a heart that is turned towards the things of God. 



2 Responses to “Birthing Men”

  1. Sbelle January 16, 2009 at 12:42 am #

    This is very well said. More wives need to read things like this. We have more power than we realize often times, and we can help steer our husbands toward the path that they need to be on.

  2. Monic February 27, 2009 at 8:57 pm #

    I can really appreciate this entry. Although I am not married, I am in a serious relationship that is heading in that direction and I want to make sure that I learn early what it truly means to be a help-meet. Thanks and be blessed.

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